Great article, thanks!

One point I'm a bit dubious on is the idea that Mill is a good solution for the food waste problem that Project Drawdown is talking about. It seems like they're looking at all of the carbon generated by producing uneaten food, and talking about the benefits of never producing that food in the first place. But mill doesn't prevent that food from never being produced in the first place -- in fact it may encourage food waste if it makes people feel less guilty about throwing away food in the first place. You could argue that mill reduces the amount of chicken feed that we need to produce, but by how much are we talking?

That's not to say that what we do with food after it "becomes" wasted isn't important, but to me the highest-leverage position to act seems to be preventing the production (one way or another) of that food in the first place.

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Love the substack!

Wanted to add that my understanding is that Lomi is straight-forwardly a scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8M9E_XC3So

I'm not sure about Mill, but it's probably worth doing some napkin math on their product, just in case. Cheers, hope you keep it up for a long time! :)

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Hey Andrew! Whoah — we hadn't seen this! Really appreciate you sharing it; we're thinking we'll be doing an update to this piece to incorporate these types of corrections & inputs :)

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