Parachute is a research and storytelling project that investigates how cities around the globe become more beautiful, livable, and resilient in the face of a changing climate.

Problem & Solution

Increasingly unpredictable climate and weather patterns are threatening people’s health and making cities everywhere less livable. Parachute helps us understand the solutions that cities, companies, and communities are using to protect people and places from these threats: what works, what doesn’t, and why. Our hope is that by finding and sharing these stories, we can identify emergent trends and lessons for making solutions successful on the ground.


Parachute’s research is structured as a series of case studies of cities around the globe. We’re scouring media and literature, collecting data on-site, and interviewing the folks in the trenches - the policymakers, community members, startups, and nonprofits deploying early stage innovations in their communities.


The Parachute newsletter will be released in seasons, which each feature solution-based case studies. As we travel the world, we will share our conversations and findings through field notes, and each season will highlight the trends we’ve uncovered along the way.

The Future

We’re going to be learning a lot and sharing it as we go. We will compile our findings using an interactive digital map, video and blog series, and creative storytelling platform. This will enable you to navigate climate resilience solutions showcased in Parachute, see their impacts, and learn how to operationalize them in your own streets, neighborhoods, and cities.

Share a Solution

If you have a solution that you’d love for us to dive into, please tell us about it on this Google Form — if you’d like us to reach out, please be sure to include your name and email. Else, they’re optional!

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An investigation into how our cities can become beautiful, resilient, and livable in the face of climate change.


Sonam Velani 

Sonam is passionate about cities and the infrastructure and technology that drives them forward. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Streetlife, a venture firm that invests in the nuts and bolts of sustainable cities.

Anson Yu

value neutral observations

Lyn Stoler

Researching & writing about climate resilience and adaptation, mostly.

Streetlife Ventures 

At Streetlife Ventures, we invest at the intersection of cities x climate. We are the ultimate optimists and are excited to work with founders and policymakers to build the future we want to live in.